Essay on Labor And Human Rights Violations

Essay on Labor And Human Rights Violations

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Today’s world is currently full of certain issues that are simply out of man’s control. Neither the government nor the people can do anything to stop them. These issues primarily involve things, such as, natural disasters and epidemics. The people of the United States have heavy hearts whenever one of these disasters occurs. They feel sorry for the victims and wish there was another way. They claim that their hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones. Yet, when an issue, such as sweatshops comes up, people do not seem to give it a second thought because they know that they have the power to make an actual difference. They know that they have the power to reduce the amount of pain that thousands of women and young children are going through every day. Yet, most people seem to ignore it because they would rather enjoy the luxuries that sweatshops provide instead. They knowingly purchase products that were produced by suffering women and children that are victims of forced labor and human rights violations.
Sweatshops are defined as factories where workers endure unhealthy and exploitive work conditions, such as long hours, unventilated workspace, low pay, or exposure to toxic chemicals. They are responsible for producing many of the clothing items that American people wear every day. They are located in many third world countries, but there are also many of them in the United States. In the United States, they are primarily found in large cities and towns (Manheimer, 2006). Manheimer (2006) also states that they are difficult to eradicate because their existence is meant to be kept a secret in order prevent anybody from taking legal action and attempting to shut them down.
Completely eliminating sweatshops ...

... middle of paper ... sweatshops by boycotting are ironically failing to solve the problem. Yesilvesky (2006) states that boycotting is meant to target specific issues, such as unfair wages, racial discrimination, and gun laws. Sweatshops violate many laws in a variety of ways; therefore, boycotting is not the best course of action to take. Although it is effective, when it causes its targeted sweatshop to shut down, it also causes many families to lose their jobs and families to return to poverty.
Sweatshops have been causing pain and suffering to thousands of families for a long time. It is time that this issue is no longer ignored by the people who unconsciously support it with their irresponsible purchases. The existence of sweatshops and the impact that consumers have on them must be brought to the attention of the government and its people, and dealt with in a civil manner.

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