Labeling Minors As Sex Offenders Essay

Labeling Minors As Sex Offenders Essay

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Sex is every where these days. Whether it’s a sexual act, phrase, or action, sex has consumed most of our society. Consequentially it has begun to affect many younger children negatively. Whether there is a sexual act on TV, in video games, or within the media, it’s broadcast-ed for pretty much anyone to see anywhere. In most cases, it ends up being seen by the wrong audiences. These images are being seen by younger and younger generations of children; what may not be seen as harmful, but are indeed leading to harmful acts by curious minds. As a result there has been a highly increasing rate of teenagers and younger children being accused and prosecuted for many various sexual offenses.
The question in class was brought up that if a child, of course under the age of eighteen, were to commit a crime such as that of sexual molestation on another child, or rape should they be help accountable for their actions and be prosecuted as an adult? In many opinions, I would believe that most of the class agreed that yes, some type of punish should be enforced and the child held accountable for these sexual acts. Although I believe that many factors should be brought into the case before as a society we deem it necessary to through an accused child to the “wolves”, so to say. One factor is the age of the offender. I believe that age has a huge role in whether or not a child should be prosecuted as an adult or as a juvenile. Typically the offender is of a teenage, age, and I believe that as you enter teenage years you have a pretty good understanding of what is right and wrong. Whether or not, their parents raised them to know the difference from right and wrong, they should still be influenced by their peers and educators within the edu...

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...mits the crime of raping or molesting a child should be castrated. This suggestion seems drastic and ridiculous. Mostly unnecessary, when the proper help and guidance can do wonders on young minds. Physical alteration should never be an option for crimes commit by children or adults.
Sex crimes, such as molestation and rape, unfortunately will always be apart of our society, but labeling and charging kids at an early age is not a solution. Holding minors responsible for adult sex crime standards is both unfair and unhelpful for both victim and offender. Judging cases on a case to case bases and considering all possible possibilities on different way to help troubled children who commit these crimes is a better solution in my opinion. For all of the reasons listed above, I believe that labeling minors as sex offenders and charging them as an adult is a bad idea.

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