Essay Lab Research in Animal Testing

Essay Lab Research in Animal Testing

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Animal testing in research labs is outdated due to advances in technology that do not require the use of animals. Furthermore, testing on animals is inhumane and barbaric due to the harsh treatments many animals suffer in research labs. Most animals suffer in small cages while they are injected with harmful substances, and their response is usually different from that of a human’s which can be misleading. There are safer alternatives that includes no harm to the animals, such as tube studies on human tissue, statistics and computer models.
Animals that are researched in labs are bred solely for the purpose of scientific research. These animals endure testing of cosmetics, drugs and vaccines. Harmful test products are often injected into the animal’s eyes, mouth, and skin. While these experiments are taking place the animals are usually in a small enclosure surrounded by their own defecation. These enclosures the animals inhabit are rarely cleaned unless the animal dies or is euthanized because they are no longer a useful.
There are various types of animal testing but the most common used to yield results of products include the Draize test, and the lethal dose test (LD50).
The Toxic Substances Act (15 U.S.C.A. 2601 et. Seg. [1994] authorizes these two types of procedures that in result have also been controversial. THE Draize test measures the irritancy of a substance by applying it to the eyes of the animals for 24 hours. The end result of this procedure is death to the animal undergoing the horrid activity. The LD50 test is used to calculate the median lethal dose of a substance by force feeding the designated substance to a defined population of animals until 50 percent of them die. (AAVS) Animals are living beings, and experim...

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...dely adapted throughout research labs, but not completely. (John Hopkins Center for Animal Testing)
Lastly, it is unethical to experiment on animals especially since only 2% of humane diseases are recorded in the animal kingdom itself. We as humans can reason therefore, we should actively take a step forward with technology instead of using barbaric methods to fuel our needs for medical research. We can reason for the animals who have no voice.

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