Lab Report On The Motor Neuron Essay

Lab Report On The Motor Neuron Essay

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Case Study 1
Amy was preparing dinner for her family. As she went to pull the pot off the stove, she touched the burner accidently. When this happened she instantly pulls her finger away and without delay she feels pain. Amy pulled her finger away as a reflex because the burner was hot. This unconscious effort was caused by a combination of five neurons called reflex arc. The reflex arc consist of the receptor, sensory neuron, interneuron, motor neuron, and effector. The motor neuron was responsible for sending information from her finger to her peripheral nervous system. According to the text, the motor neuron transmits an immediate response through the ventral root to the effector organ (Ireland, 2012). The motor neuron carried a signal to Amy 's finger. This receptor neuron is an efferent neuron. Efferent neurons are found in the central nervous system and they are primarily responsible for getting information from the other neurons and then spreading nerve impulse to the responding muscles or glands .
The spinal cord is the key method of communication between the body and the brain. Sensory information go into the spinal cord through the dorsal root and is move to an upward region heading in the direction of the brain. Motor impulses produced in the brain are passed through the downward regions of the spinal cord to the nerves of the body. Reflexes are remarkably fast responses to sensory stimuli, running through the spinal cord from the dorsal root directly to the ventral root and bypassing the brain. This caused Amy to move her finger quickly. Incoming sensory information is transported to an connected neuron in the deepest portion of the spinal cord and then directly to a motor neuron. The reflexes generates to a lif...

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... 's neurologist needs to prescribe him a dopamine agonist as treatment because its purpose is to restore appropriate balance of the neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine by increasing levels of dopamine. Dopamine agonists medication that directly mimic dopamine 's activity in the brain and can help treat Glen 's motor symptoms. It is very important to advice Glen 's children to be genetically tested for this disease because usually those at risk for early onset have a family history of it. Early detection of Early Onset Parkinson 's comes with the hope that the debilitating symptoms can be delayed. Additionally, life style changes could be made and it would allow for more aggressive treatment. A positive result may cause loss of job, lack of promotion, and possibly denial of insurance coverage, other worries include financials and care giving (Ireland, 2012).

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