Lab Report On The Cellular Respiration Rate Of Germinating Peas Essay

Lab Report On The Cellular Respiration Rate Of Germinating Peas Essay

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Last semester in my Biology Lab, I was given the assignment of writing a lab report as my final for the class. The prompt that I was given said to, “Write a lab report based on the results of the cellular respiration experiment”. This required that I conduct an experiment comparing the cellular respiration rates of germinating peas and non-germinating peas, and I was to record my findings in the form of a lab report. Everything was provided for by the instructor, including all materials needed to conduct the experiment. Along with the writing prompt, my instructor gave us a sample lab report and a detailed outline. After being given all of the paperwork, it was clear what my instructor expected me to do in order complete this assignment, and what his views were towards writing.
Writing in Biology is different than writing in other courses like English. In Biology, the writer must conduct an experiment prior to writing a lab report on the findings. For this lab report, I had to conduct an experiment comparing the cellular respiration rates of germinating peas and non-germinating peas. Before beginning the experiment, we had to create a thesis that would state which set of peas would have the higher respiration rate, germinated or non-germinated peas. We were expected to make a thesis based on our prior knowledge of how cellular respiration works in plants. I conducted the experiment during class two weeks before the lab report was due. The experiment consisted of placing peas in a Biochamber where the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen would be measured every 6 seconds for 3 minutes. After completing that, my instructor stressed that we repeat the experiment 5 more times for each set of peas. After collecting the data, we compare...

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...ine and the sample lab report that my instructor gave me led me to conclude that science classes view writing as more of a tool for education than a tool for creativity. Since my Biology Lab instructor is representative of the science based discipline, then I can comfortably indicate that this discipline views writing as logos based, professional, structured, and with purpose, all in order to educate the masses. Writing has different views in each respective discipline, which shows diversity in each discipline since they may use it differently, such as how science based courses use writing to teach the reader about the experiment and the results whereas in a history based course they may use it to research a point in history and present their findings. Knowing this, I believe that no matter what discipline you write for, there will always be a tie back to education.

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