Lab Report On My Notebook Essay

Lab Report On My Notebook Essay

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When I started reading what was required of our lab notebooks, I immediately knew how I was going to organize it. It was not hard for me to figure out how I was going to organize it because I found this way to be really effective during my senior year of high school.
The way I organized my notebook was first getting sheet protectors so all of my papers looked nice and sharp. I then put all the lab material in order, starting with the “Know and Do sheet”, then all of the other material that was needed to attend lab. Most of the time the material would contain, stories or articles, in-class assignments, quizzes done in APR, and diagrams. I found this to be very helpful because in order to get into class I had to make sure that everything that needed to be done was done and I was not cheating myself out of a really important class. Once the weeks started moving a little faster and started getting busier, I noticed that my notebook was very organized and it started with the first lab assignment and worked its way down to the last lab assignment.
After a few weeks, I realized that the material was getting a lot harder and I needed to pay a lot more attention to details, diagrams, and questions that were asked. I studied the material a lot, but still could not retain any of it. A major part of why I could not retain it was not only was I doubting and stressing myself about all the classes I was taking, but there was also a lot going on in my personal and family life during the first few weeks of school. My life was drastically changing and I was very overwhelmed because I still had to attend school while trying to keep a full-time job. Being an 18-year-old, college freshman, I thought I was going to lose my marbles, especially when I ...

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... a very big change for me. This class not only taught me about Human Anatomy and Physiology, it taught me how to come out of my comfort zone and talk with people that I have never met, be confident with your answers even if you are wrong because someone else will have the right answer and they will make sure that you have the correct answer before you leave.
The professors and students in this course were very helpful to me, I never had a problem with anyone when I asked them for help and they never belittled me. There was a big age gap between the people that I asked help from and myself which made me know that I could learn a lot more from them than I probably could from someone my own age. Despite the age gap they made me feel very welcome and that is the kind of environment I want to surround myself by because they are helpful to everyone, not just one person.

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