Essay on La Lunar : Discovering Meaning Of Life

Essay on La Lunar : Discovering Meaning Of Life

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La Lunar - Discovering Meaning of Life
Have one ever imagined of climbing up a ladder to the bright yellow moon full of tiny golden twinkling stars, and together with his loved one, working to shape the beautiful crescent moon up in the sky? I do not know if one’s dream will come true or not, but one can find his dream, this particular dream, illustrated in La Lunar, a Pixar short film released in 2011. La Lunar is not only a magic work of imagination but also a lively beautiful version of Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning for kids. It introduces to kids the world the love and caring, the beauty of nature, and the importance of how to make choices in their lives.
The boy, the main character in La Lunar, is a cute, little boy being on his first boat trip to work on the moon with his papa and grandpa. Love and care are portrayed consistently throughout the trip - a gift of a new hat that needed for his job, caring the way he should wearing the hat, guiding and encouraging the boy on his first step up the ladder, worrying when he falling off the big stars.
As members of three generations being together, the differences in view point, the belief in their own specific way things should be done, the scare of swinging away from tradition to the modern technology bring disagreements and confusion. Even a simple act of caring and showing the boy how to sweep the stars can turn into a frustrated contention between the two adults, which only end when the gigantic star landing shaking up the moon. However, in a beautiful way, hardship and love work its magic to unite them - they still love each other, still care about the boy, still like working together, still happy to see the boy’s growing up and still enjoy seeing their nice w...

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...on camps, of any different backgrounds and manners, all shared the same love to natural beauty. In front of a peaceful view of a small village on the way transferred from camp to camp, or a breath taking beautiful view of sunset, the prisoners left behind all their sufferings, let their spirits free and united to embrace the beauty of nature. The image of an immense, pearly white full moon rising up in the sky, the catching eyes of the little boy, the cease of the squabble between the two adults, demonstrates the magic power of natural beauty. Nature can unite all human beings, it heals all pains and suffers, it mends relationship, it brings hope and vision to those who treasure its beauty.
La Lunar and Frankl’s book Man Search for Meaning both find their meanings in the same places: love and care for the other, the courage to make choice and the beauty of nature.

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