La Dispute 's Album Wildlife Essay

La Dispute 's Album Wildlife Essay

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La Dispute’s album Wildlife, released October of 2011, is an album that will immediately give you those, ‘late night feelings’ where you question your existence, the meaning of life, and make you nostalgic and melancholy over things that happened to you years ago. The album should practically come with a warning label. La Dispute is a band that puts real emotion and meaning back into music. They use every part of their music to create a feeling rather than have it all be separate that just come together to sound good. This album doesn’t focus on things they were feeling and hope that their listeners can understand and relate, this album was made for their listeners. Primarily in King Park and All Our Bruised Bodies and the Whole Heart Shrinks is where their talent is clear, where it’s really evident that they’re looking to put depth in music.
Wildlife has a way of saying, ‘Is this how you’re feeling? I know this is difficult,’ instead of the usual pop-punk music way of saying, ‘hey we’ve been hurt, do you relate to this?’ It’s almost like they are trying to talk directly to their listeners. I’m not sure whether the scenarios the songs describe are actual events that happened in some of the band members lives or they asked people about their most heart wrenching memories. Past albums of theirs were so consumed with regret of a lost love that this album just threw everyone for a spin because of the way it focuses on a society’s struggles. Not to say there aren’t any angst-filled songs of an unrequited love, but that’s not at all the point of the album.
“The final two standout tracks are stories that Jordan tells very vividly and accurately with his lyrics,” Kallas wrote about King Park and Edward Benz, 27 Times and I couldn’t agr...

... middle of paper ... a film and its soundtrack, each element serves to enhance the other…” and I’d say that’s a perfectly precise way to describe their sound.
La Dispute’s album Wildlife is beautifully created and presents a clear theme by making songs that flow into each other unlike most other artists whose albums are separate songs that they just put together. They use songs like King Park to put depth and raw emotion into their work, to really show a different side of them and what music can do. Songs like All Our Bruised Bodies and others on the album are used to help people relate to their music and make the listeners feel like the singer is really trying to connect with them. Their sound, although unconventional and can sound messy if you’re not familiar with this type of music, is exquisitely put together; it creates a mood and when put with their lyrics, creates a story.

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