Essay about L. Is 10 Years Old With A Stutter

Essay about L. Is 10 Years Old With A Stutter

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L is 10 years old with a stutter he began therapy in February. He has had a stutter since 2/3 years old. His mother is present as well.

Session organisation
The therapist begun the session by greeting the client and his mother and proceeds to ask L about his weekend and what his family did. This appeared to be normal conversation but he therapist was actually re-establishing the rapport with L and his mother to ensure they felt comfortable. She started off with broad questions about the weekend and what L has been doing since the last visit. The therapist then began to ask more specific questions to get a baseline of L’s severity rating. To get an understanding of how L has been going since the last session the therapist asked to see the severity rating chart, unfortunately the mother had left this at home but she explained it had been mostly 2’s-3’s. L has also not done a smooth talking session due to going away for the weekend, so the therapist asked his mother and him to do an example of smooth talking session like they normally would do. L and his mother looked at a book and his mother asked him questions relating to it, they also played a game of “Who am I?”. This game got L to think about questions to ask his mother, the therapist was able to observe the session and see how the mother was interacting and giving feedback to L. Once they had completed the session the therapist asked the mother to evaluate it and compare it to other sessions completed at home. The mother said that is was a good session and was consistent to the session they completed at home. She gave the session a severity rating of 2 because he did have one or two blocks but that was much better than previous weeks. The therapist then provided feedback to ...

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... the age of 6 but has also been proven to work on school aged children. It has been used by the therapist on children up to 11. Lidcombe is a parent treatment programme rather than therapy based, the role of the speech therapist is to teach and advise the parents on how they can conduct and improve the treatment. This treatment has been proven to be very effective as it treats the stutter in the location of the stuttering rather than in the clinic. The treatment relies on parent giving praise and reinforcement of stutter free speech during conversations called smooth talking. These smooth talking sessions aim to bring the level of stuttering down by adjusting the complexity of the conversation. To begin with the parent and client talk about simple things such as a book or favourite activity. As the severity of the stutter is reduced the language becomes more complex.

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