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The media was not any gentler to Kendall’s younger sister, Kylie. Kylie Jenner just recently turned eighteen years old, but you might not think that from looking at her. With her appearance seeming older than most sixteen and seventeen year old girls, she was an easy target for the media. Kylie has been accused recently by tabloids of undergoing a breast augmentation and getting lip injections. Jenner owned up getting lip injections after many months of denying them, calling her naturally thin lips “an insecurity of mine”. At the time, Kylie was only seventeen years old. Many people would argue that the Jenner girls are not the young women girls should be looking up to. They might be right, but that does not take away from the fact that many little girls idolize them. If a girl has very thin lips like Kylie had before, she may now think of her lips as insecurity as well, even if she had not thought of them as such before. (Nightline, Amy Zimmerman)
Kylie Jenner has said in the past that she was a victim of bullying. This wouldn’t surprise anyone who follows the young woman on instagram, because you could at any one of her pictures and read the thousands of horrible comments that are left. Will Rebein, an artist, has taken a stand and is trying to show the public just how cruel many people are to her. He made a short film using video clips of Kylie, and then put a voice over of comments that had been left on her pictures. Some of these comments include, “Kylie is hard to look at”, “Kylie’s face has been absolutely massacred”, “Kylie the troll and her supermodel sister” and “She looks like a monster”. Rebein explained why he decided to do this project and said, “For years people have cruelly commented on Kylie’s appearance, always ...

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... as Kylie Jenner and Ariel Winter. Just because these girls have decided to live in the limelight, does not mean they are fair game for hypersexualization, media scrutiny and downright bullying. These girls feel such tremendous pressure to look a certain way, that they go to extremes, such an plastic surgery, to achieve it. Everyday girls are affected by these tactics too, when they see they’re role models who they idolize being torn down, they begin to feel inadequate. Due to the pressure girls feels from the media that surrounds them, they are developing mental health issues, body dissatisfaction and eating disorders. The way the media sexualizes women is wrong, and it must change before it gets even worse. No matter how provocatively a teenage girl acts, she is still a child, and the media should not be allowed to hypersexualize these girls to dangerous extremes.

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