The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Essay

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Essay

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A revealing example of young, insecure girls attempting to imitate their favorite celebrities is the Kylie Jenner lip challenge in which girls put their lips in a shot like glass cup and “suction” their lips for a “fuller look” (Moyer 1). While some girls see this as a way to look more attractive, it is incredibly damaging and can causes serious health issues; Dendy Engelman, a dermatologic surgeon explains that it can cause “significant pain, swelling, and bruising result from these suction techniques, but there is potential risk for scarring and permanent disfigurement with repeated attempts” (Moyer 2). In addition, it can lead to “scarring, bruising and even lip indentations” that may be “permanent.” There is even a cosmetic device called the Candylipz that provides youngsters with a tool to create a fuller lip that has the same possible consequences as the lips challenge Those who have participated in this challenge say this process is “quite painful,” making it hard to eat and requiring “heavy makeup to conceal the wounds” (Moyer 3). These girls are trying to become more beautiful based on an idealistic role model, who has obviously gotten numerous surgeries to enhance her image. Artificially changing your look with makeup is one thing, but it is concerning when young women (who are not fully developed mentally or physically) begin making uninformed decisions that could change their look forever. Without surgery or body modification devices, it is impossible to attain the desired look, but celebrities refuse to admit that they are unnatural, causing young girls to see themselves as unfit for society and not meeting the standards of “normal” females.
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...’t heard about, yet companies continue to sexualize and idealize women, and matters are getting worse. The fact that younger girls are willing to do go through extremes to achieve an unattainable look is an increasing problem. The United States is putting mounting pressure on young girls and women to look perfect and attain unrealistic physical beauty. From new levels of spending on cosmetic surgery and body alteration, to the health risks that come along with it, to the lifelong burden of an unattainable beauty, the issue of body image is taking a terrible toll in all areas of women’s lives. What will it take to stop this? If the media portrays all different types of body types as ideal, and stops pressuring women to believe that they should only look one way, women will begin to feel more comfortable in their own skin and learn to love and embrace their own bodies.

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