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Kut-Pile are from a place where metal is simply metal. They will be the first to affirm metal goes against the trends most genres experience in the wayward industry. Kut-Pile has changed in the last four years from when they first formed out of a shared passion for music. Their skill level has improved by performing well written songs live. The band has nurtured a healthy work ethic which continues to make them a better band each year that they are together. By knowing one another for over twenty years and growing-up in the same town their love for music has grown with them. They were brought together by music back in 2006 and their career motivation is what will keep them on the straight and narrow path to success.
Metal emphasizes each song and also provides emotional reliability for each of the members on a personal level. “Our message is just that we’re stepping away from the trendy metal that everybody is doing these days,” Jesse the drummer says. Stepping away from marketable mainstream music is the key to their success. “Getting back to the groove that gets your head banging and your face smashing,” Wes the guitarist states. They are willing to be patient and not make music to make money, but make music that will also make money down the line. Richard the lead singer says, “Metal is not dead. When it’s about the money all the originality goes out the window. We’re here to bring back the heart, soul, and originality to American metal.”

Lyrics are screamed with clarity allowing discernible words to be understood by the listener unlike many growlers who sound like demons from hell. Richard works his hard screaming skills which translate to the crowd being able to sing along with the group. By involving the cr...

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...nsemble is given courage to keep on trekking when the band has a bad series of events to contend with because they realize they know their music will prevail over any situation. When a concertgoer leaves a Kut-Pile concert they will realize they are seeing a revolutionary set of musicians. The band’s divergent sound induces the concertgoers to tell their friends and acquaintances about the band. Word of mouth is essential in starting a business and those who remember the band are the ones who instantly connect to the lyrics and the arrangements. If you walk into a room never hearing the group or know their name you will not leave the set without finding out the group’s name because they are a rarity in music without conforming to a genre. The keys being cut for Kut-Pile are going to open many days to their future long lasting career in the entertainment industry.

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