Essay on Kurt Lewin 's Contingency Theory

Essay on Kurt Lewin 's Contingency Theory

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Fielder’s Contingency Theory
Leadership styles refer to the manner and approach, through which directions are provided, plans being implemented and motivating people. From the employee’s perspective, it encompasses the patterns of both explicit and implicit actions that a leader performs. Kurt Lewin conducted the first major leadership study in 1939 by leading a group of researchers in identifying the various types of leadership (Burnes, 2004). The study remained influential by establishing three major styles of leadership.
Fielder 's Contingency theory states that effective leadership is dependent on the leading style as well as control over a given situation (Miller, Butler & Cosentino, 2004). It is important to have a good relationship between leaders and the members, having well-stipulated procedures and goals and also the ability of a leader to mete out punishments and rewards whenever the situation calls. Without the three aspects, the type of leadership will be termed as a failed one.
The theory was based on a wider range of studies involving different groups of leader’s effectiveness, and it concentrated on the relationship which existed between the leaders and the performance of an organization. According to Fielder, any attempt of a team to achieve the effectiveness of the organization through leadership called for an assessment of the leaders of the underlying characteristics. Besides, there was also the need to assess the underlying situation that the leaders of the organization are facing and have a proper construction of the match between the two.

When it comes to evaluating the qualities and traits of a leader, Fielder devised the method of Least Preferred Co-worker (LPC) scale. In thi...

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...verse situations will show task-oriented but display relationship oriented under favorable circumstances.
Future of Fielders Theory
The LPC model has more similarities with Bayesian weighting scheme which may also be integrated to social networking for testing the integrity of an organization. As it is usual with most of the theories, research awaits to confirm how the theory can be related to other ideas, for example, the Leader-Member Exchange in which leaders are expected to maintain leadership by working together with their supporters. This would involve more analysis of particular groups of dynamics. Also, there can be a refinement of LPC with Leadership Participation Inventory (LPI) which is concerned with the identification of the characteristics of leaders that would be pleasant to the followers and that they can admire and follow with limited difficulties.

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