Essay on Kudler Foods Case Analysis

Essay on Kudler Foods Case Analysis

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Kudler has created many opportunities while making change to the current way the company uses technology. Information technologies can revolutionize how organizations do business. Two aspects of such a revolution consist of: strategic information systems, and systems that support or provide for business reorganization. The first part of the chapter deals with strategic information systems, which are primarily used to seize the opportunities created by technological innovations and changing market conditions. Such systems are also used to increase competitiveness and effectiveness by solving organizational problems and by smoothing operations.
The second part deals with the need for organizations to fundamentally change how they are doing business, primarily in order to adjust to the changing business environment. Such changes also help organizations seize opportunities and solve major business problems.
Once Kudler Fine Foods can come up with an SIS the company will be able to do business a lot smoother via internet. Strategic information systems ( SIS s ) are systems that support or shape an organization's competitive strategy.
Information technology contributes to strategic systems in several ways. Consider these four: 1.) Information technology creates applications that provide direct strategic advantage to organizations. 2.) IT supports strategic changes such as reengineering. For example, IT allows efficient decentralization by providing high-speed communication lines, and it streamlines and shortens product design time with computer-aided engineering tools. 3.) IT provides for technological innovations or acts as an enabler of innovation. These can be incorporated in the firm's goods or services, or affect how those are p...

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...ccessful business. It is up to management to determine which strategy to use to improve the company’s branding image. Kudlers management can continually update its strategy based on current markets and what its competitors do. Using one or some of the strategies listed up above one can judge which will work best for the company depending on the company’s current standing.

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