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Kudler Fine Foods is a full service specialty grocery store. It operates from three locations within upscale neighborhoods in San Diego, Ca. As a self proclaimed gourmet cook, Kathy saw that there was need for a centralized location to shop for the ingredients needed to create her dishes. After years in corporate America, Kathy made a decision to turn her passion into a new career. As a result, Kudler Fine Foods was founded in 1998.
Management Structure
Kudler employs 127 workers. Kathy acts as the company president. The company’s organizational structure is divided between the corporate employees and retail employees however they are all structured to report to Kathy. At the corporate level, the Director of Finance and Accounting, Director of Store Operations, and Director of Administration and Human Resources all report directly to Kathy. As the leadership team, their role is to assist Kathy with business decisions that would allow the best opportunity for growth.
Harvey Stephens is the Director of Finance and Accounting at Kudler. His role is to Develop and implement goals, policies, priorities and procedures relating to financial management, budget, accounting and payroll. He also supervises and participates in the preparation of financial statements and reports including reports of estimated future costs and revenues as a part of the strategic planning process. He is also responsible for Establishes system controls for new financial systems and develops procedures to improve existing systems.
Reporting to Mr. Stephens are 2 accounting clerks and 2 Computer Support Specialists.
While the accounting clerks Computes, classifies, records, and verifies numerical data for use in maintaining accounting records, the Computer Support Specialists is responsible for installing, modifying, and making minor repairs to personal computer hardware and software systems. They also provide technical assistance and training to system users.
Within the Human Resource Department, Brenda Wagner acts as the director of administration and hr. Her role is to develop policies while directing and coordinating administrative and human resources activities, such as employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, training, and employee services. Within this role, her duties also require that she manages the development of and maintains human resources systems that meet top management information needs. She should be familiar with legislation, arbitration decisions, and collective bargaining contracts in order to assess industry trends. Ms. Wagner represents Kudler’s management team during all negotiations of collective bargaining agreements.
As an integral part of her role, Ms. Wagner is responsible for all employee relations practices.

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She creates personnel forecast to project employment needs and develops a recruitment plan to ensure that each store has an available pool of qualified candidates to fill open positions. She provides training to managers on proper hiring and selection processes, consistent with company policy. She analyzes wage and salary reports and data to determine competitive compensation plan and develops supervisory training on company policies regarding equal employment opportunities, compensation, and employee benefits. Ms. Wagner supervises the HR assistant and company administrative assistant. While both provide support to the hr manager, the hr assistant also supports the store managers by compiling and maintaining personnel records, coordinating employee benefits programs, and maintaining safety records. The administrative assistant schedules appointments, answers calls, and assist with employee recruitment.
Yvonne Reynolds is the Director of Service Operations at Kudler Fine Foods. Her role is to manage the operations of the three stores, including management of inventory, purchasing and logistics. She is responsible for store safety as well as facility maintenance, security, and
compliance with state and federal regulations (OSHA). As a part of her duties, Ms. Reynolds acts as the supervisor of the manager of purchasing and inventory manager. She serves as consultant to management on operational matters for store operations and develops budgets, staffing levels, store design, product mix, and pricing structures in consultation with other management. As part of the role of the director of operations, Ms. Reynolds manages all outside contracts for store maintenance and custodial support. She develops purchasing and inventory policies and procedures to ensure customer satisfaction and fiscal responsibility and maintains contractual agreements with vendors to ensure compliance with purchasing policies and procedures. In order to ensure profitability, Ms. Reynolds reviews store performance on a regular basis and analyzes information to identify potential issues and develop plans for resolving those issues.
At the retail level, there are three store managers reporting to the president. These managers work to carry out the day to day retail operations in accordance with the policies set at the corporate level. They Supervise employees engaged in sales work as well as take care of inventories, reconcile cash with sales receipts, keep operating records, and prepares daily record of transactions for Finance department.
The store managers at Kudler often take on the role of accountant as they ensure that established budgets and operating guidelines are met. As operations manager, they plan and prepare work schedules as well as assign employees to specific duties. They also formulates pricing policies on merchandise in conjunction with corporate guidance. The store manager is also a marketing manager. They coordinate sales promotion activities and prepare merchandise displays.
Information technology
Kudler uses several types of systems software to manage their accounting and hr functions. The company’s technology development of accounting and payroll practices has been outsourced to an external consultant. Smith Systems Consulting is a full service firm where, SSC was contracted to install a Retail Enterprise Management Systems. After installation in each store, the company decided to retain SSC for yearly maintenance. The system is able to track data under seven accounting and finance modules. Hr payroll systems have also been outsourced the Intuit. The company maintains a database that houses from personal employee information to organizational information. While the company uses advanced technology in some areas, others are still behind the times. At the retail stores, managers are required to house personnel information in employee files at the store. They are responsible for tracking any changes manually and then fax them to hr for entry into the database. Kudler could decrease administrative costs if they provided access to the payroll database to the store managers. They will be able to enter their own employee information thus eliminating risk of losing the faxed information. Providing computers to all stores will also eliminate the need for paper files. They will be able to store personnel information in a database which would allow easier access.
Kudler’s internet site gives good information about the services that it offers. There is also contact information provided so that a customer could call in a special order Kudler has an opportunity to increase their revenue by upgrading their internet site. By making the site more interactive, they will be able to allow customers to view menus and order online. They may also sign up for the various store activities through the website. If Kudler considers such a change, they will add value to their organization.
Kathy Kudler’s idea to open a gourmet grocery store is a wonderful concept. She has been successful in building her brand and growing her business. As Kathy plans to expand, she will need to consider some of her management practices. By using technology to fully integrate her systems software, Kathy and her management team will be able to focus on the more integral business aspects of the company.


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