Krispy Kreme 's Marketing Strategy Essay

Krispy Kreme 's Marketing Strategy Essay

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Example 1: Double Hundred Dozen
Krispy Kreme is a well know producer of donuts and pastries alike. They are subtle in their approach to advertising and usually use word of mouth to sell their products. However, with a not so subtle PR stunt on the 25th of September, their name and image was circulating the world of the internet. Krispy Kreme produced a “Double Hundred Dozen” box of donuts. To make these words a reality, that is 2,400 donuts in counting. I came across this image while absorbing my daily dose of the “Ifunny” app for the day. The image and the number struck me with awe, for I am a food lover and the quantity was unimaginable. Krispy Kreme had executed a very well done PR stunt through the use of the social media.
The Krispy Kreme 's aim was to produce this mass of donuts in an effort to promote their catering services. Their tactics are illustrated through their use of this note worth stunt to gain publicity and their use of the social media site Twitter. The Krispy Kreme company residing in the UK created a contest on their personal Twitter account that consisted of a business re-tweeting their promotional image. “360 Resourcing Solutions” was the winner of this contest and was delivered this large box of donuts which took a total of eight people to carry. A tactic in which was very effective that underlined their promotion was their use of numbers.
The Krispy Kreme made their production efforts an image that could be see by a large sum of people. Many individuals tend to see numbers easier than an emotion. Rather than saying they made “a large amount of donuts,” they put the number of donuts, the amount of calories, and the number of people made to carry the box into perspective. These numbers show that they ar...

... middle of paper ... to promote their product to the University campus as a public but to promote the individuals within the public and their personal social/cultural groups.
Through the means of grasping diversity and using names and general endearing terms such as “friend” and “dad,” as a tactical means, the Coca Cola company has promoted its name on several social planes. This strategy has proven to be very effective in promoting their name and creating a bridge between their product and a sense of happiness. Coca Cola has shaped their image by reaching out to a large public and making it about them.
This specific tactic and strategy was very clever in Coca Cola 's efforts for mass production and sales. Coca Cola encompasses PR to the up-most success. Not only has Cola cultivated a large audience through their means but created a product that was interactive and individualistic.

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