Kraft Is Back On Track Essay

Kraft Is Back On Track Essay

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It is vital for organizations to assess the strengths and weaknesses of its functions and activities. As a major market share holder within their industry, Kraft in order to develop and grow is recommended to utilize some basic analytical models used within the business world. These models include the Porter Value Chain (PVC) framework and the Resource Based View (RBV) of unique competencies within their organization. The RBV includes some of PVC identifying primary and support activities. Using these two models will assist Kraft in developing their Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat (SWOT) analysis. In this session long project I will briefly discuss Kraft’s internal operations from a strategic point of view using the RBV and PVC models.
Tangible Resources
Kraft reports their physical resources, property and plant, as $4,204,000,000 as stated on their 29 December 2012 annual financial statements. Kraft’s has established a network of manufacturing and processing facilities located throughout North America. Kraft operates 37 manufacturing and processing facilities in the United States and three in Canada. All 40 of these facilities are owned by Kraft. Kraft distributes their products through a network of 42 owned and leased distribution centers. Kraft distributes via 39 distribution centers in the U.S. and three in Canada with four owned and 38 of these distribution centers leased. Third-party logistics providers perform storage and distribution services for us to support our distribution network. (Kraft, 2012) These facilities and distribution centers support Krafts’ primary activities of logistics, service, marketing, and operations. In addition to Kraft’s manufacturing and processing facilities and d...

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