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The second semester of the Sergeants Major course covers a lot of material on Organizations, Leaders, Power, Influence, Stress, Ethics, Vision, Culture and Climate. The knowledge gained from block (s) L103, L105, L107 and L109 are important to future Operations Sergeants Major because; we will be able to assist the commander through the process of changing the climate and culture and enabling the unit to become stronger as a team.
Kotter Model
The Kotter Model comes from the L103 block it is an eight stage model that helps avoid mutual issues that plague the smallest change attempts in an organization. Organizations leaders will lead their organizations through this process in order to have a positive and long lasting effect. A leader cannot prematurely hurdle, bounce or make a serious mistake inside a step by doing any of those would have a destructive effect on a successful accomplishment of change. The stages of the Kotter Model are: (1) establishing a sense of urgency (2) creating the guiding coalition (3) developing a vision and strategy (4) communicating the change vision (5) empowering a broad base of people to take action (6) generating short-term wins (7) consolidating gains and producing even more change (8) institutionalizing new approaches in the culture.
This Model guides leaders through the process of attempting to change the climate and culture of an organization; I will explain each stage briefly. In stage one it is vibrant the leader institutes a sense of determination by showing the rewards and significant of change. The second stage leaders must organize and support the adjustment development. By building a resilient support team based on belief and common understanding will encour...

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...uraging actions necessary to carry out the vision; and continue to take the organization to a higher level. As we think about visions remember the Army’s vision and how it has changed a few times over the years and to support the change they came up with Slogans. A vision builder must ensure if you use a slogan it must have meaning, do not use an empty one just to have one. Remember a vision is a key used by Leaders to move their organizations successfully into the future.

In conclusion I have given details of what I erudite and was taught in the second semester of the academy. The knowledge gained from block (s) L103, L105, L107 and L109 are important to future Operations Sergeants Major because; we will be able to assist the commander through the process of changing the climate and culture and enabling the unit to become stronger as a team.

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