The Korean Wave Of South Korea Essay

The Korean Wave Of South Korea Essay

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The Korean wave is regarded by the author as a regionally specific phenomenon that does not have many modern comparisons other than the American culture spread. It is bringing on new global transformations and has the effect of blurring the boundaries between cultures, which could be considered very effective cultural globalization. A South Korean student is quoted as saying, "we feel like we can live like them in a few years,” which is in reference to the American’s and their rather unique, consumer oriented lifestyle. However, it seems that South Korea has turned the cultural desires in a different direction. Surrounding countries now want a taste of the South Korean lifestyle and it is often easier for neighboring Asian countries to quickly relate to the Korean wave content because of more similar values and relatable stories or song lyrics. The South Korean government is very aware of the positive reputation this media spread provides them with and protects these advantages by placing active control against copying and piracy into effect. Consequently, this market is safe for fil...

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