Essay on The Korean War : A Civil And International War

Essay on The Korean War : A Civil And International War

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The Korean War was both a Civil and International war. This unique war demonstrates aspects on an internal civil struggle and an international extension of the Cold War. The North and South divide at first glance appears as a civil war that primarily concerns the parties hosting this struggle, yet at the same time this war brings in super powers such as The United States, China, and The Soviet Union among others. In the following pages both of these conflicting concepts will be presented and expanded upon.
To begin the Korean War seems to present itself to many as a Civil War because of the obvious presence of an internal struggle involving a divide in the country and a split into two separate parties. Even the name, North and South Korea lends itself to the idea of a country fighting within itself. The obvious presence of the US, China, and the Soviets may appear to discredit this stance, but just because other parties get involved or express interest doesn’t immediately launch the dispute into a full scale international war. For example, the pure fact that after Japanese rule Koreans began to work through what a government and rule would look like on their own and establish separate parties that eventually led to the divide between the North and South proves the home based civil part of the war. After Japanese rule, “various national groups emerged during this period including the Korean Communist Party and the Korean Provisional Government” (Cummings 161). Many parties and groups were forming with extremely different ideas and opinions for how Korea as a free state should now be run and governed; so even though other countries may have been involved the Korean War appears based on its origins to have a strong civil war start an...

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...that may have not been possible without the interference of outside powers. And at this point it seems as if the Korean War has made its transition from a civil war to an international war.
In conclusion, the events that took place to form what we know as the Korean War can be characterized as both an international war and a civil war. The creation of Korea as an independent state separate from Japan led to the rising of political Korean parties. These parties opposed each other and set Korea on course to be divided by view on how the country should be run. This civil start to the international war involving many outside powers who had direct influence over results and processes led to a much bigger global struggle. This civil war quickly seemed to become an extension to the Cold War, leaving us with the only option of labeling this war as an international civil war.

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