Korean Pop means Famous Music Essay

Korean Pop means Famous Music Essay

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Most people hear the word “pop” and assume that the traditional sense of the genre. Through the thinking about the top of 40 singers flooding the airwaves such as Rihanna or One Direction are similar (leslie, June,2013). So when people hear the word “K-pop,” usually there will be a misconception that it means the same kind of music, but only they often develop the misconception that it means the same kind of music only in Korean. Actually, K-pop is not simply pop.
The name “K-pop” means a popular music. Currently, the view of any Korean group considered K-pop. Each tends to lean to a certain type of music, different with the way of the song are present, by combine all the elements of different genres with the new sound, concept or image and constantly evolving, the changes of style including the fashion also all that related with appearance. By making something new, the way of the song is present also different with the many kind of style from the singer triggered the k-pop style. People agree that k-pop style is the best rather than American.

1.1 Statement of the problem

K-pop is the most popular musical genre that is from South Korea has given a big influence around the world and especially towards teenagers. Starting from appearance in the popular music channels like MTV and internet source due to the vigorous dance moves of k-pop star (Psy) through his song (Gangnam Style) have been triggered a trend when are caught on YouTube, then topped the charts of the US and USA due to the funny move, crazy, also weird.

According to the trend has attract the attention of the people around the world to know more about South Korea include the culture such as, Korean fashion, food, and language. Furthermore, t...

... middle of paper ...

...o know more about the factor, effect, and all related with the k-pop among teenagers. The influence are spread greatly and unexpectedly the k-pop are famous around the world. According to research question and achieve the objective to perform good outcome. The objective is the most important thing in this study to ensure that still based on it, once the goal are achieve so, all the question from this study are answered. 

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