Korean Immigrants : The Most Entrepreneurial Ethnicity Essay

Korean Immigrants : The Most Entrepreneurial Ethnicity Essay

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1) Korean immigrants are considered to be the most entrepreneurial ethnicity because of the relation of being closely tied to US political and economic system.
In the mid-1970s, Korean immigrants starting a business was something of common because they received help from their relatives. But with the increasing amounts of Korean immigrants to obtain loans from their friends and families allowing personal savings to starting businesses became a common thing. Since the 1980s, more cash within the Korean community which led to the easier organization of the Rotating Credit Association (RCA). During the 1908, Korean immigrants were able to form business through savings, RCA, and loans from family and friends. Many also had bank loans, but usually, their resources and economies were brought from their Korea capital. Which mostly are from their inheritance and just debts in general.
The enormous role of financial institutions or traditional banks which led to a strong relationship between the Korean American economy and the traditional bank. Because nonethnic banks didn’t provide enough credit for the immigrants, this resulted in the formation of the ethnic banks which immigrant hugely relied on.But most importantly, the close ties between the Korean American banks and the Korean American businesses SBA.
2A) Korean immigration were comprised of the middle class and white collar professionals, the majority of the Korean immigrants were well educated. Their goal was to pursue better educational opportunities in which education was a crucial part of the Korean culture.Children of these Korean immigrants believed that attending very prestige and competitive universities which lead them to their o interest of professions ...

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...e Asian Americans can navigate their identity crisis and American versus Asian values.They do not go against nor confront racism in mainstream institutions but feel comforted with those who have similarities in being marginalized. These churches lack awareness in racial prejudice.
Multiracial churches argue that multiculturalism is the reality and truth, especially in the diversifying city. These churches emphasize on diversifying the ethnic population within the congregations and most importantly expanding individuals within their leadership positions. Although multiracial churches want to create a space for all racial groups, feel welcomed but longstanding racial tensions are indirectly integrated. But multi-churches aim not only for them to transform into a diverse congregation but want to be served as an example in representing the American Protestant Church.

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