Korean Culture And Its Influence On Business Practice Essay

Korean Culture And Its Influence On Business Practice Essay

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Korean Culture and its influence on business practice
Every country has its own culture which generated from the history. Culture influence not only to people’s life and the way they do business. Korea has long history. Even though its culture influenced by the Japanese and Chinese, but it is not exactly same as their culture.
There are many cultural aspects to consider when doing business with Korean company. Six of these cultural aspects introduced in this article.
Kibun, or mood or feeling of balance and good behavior is the important in Korean culture.
It is important to maintain a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere at all times. Koreans say positive answer to try not hurting other party’s kubin. It is important to know how to judge the state of someone else 's kibun, how to avoid hurting it, and how to keep your own kibun at the same time. People should not critize people when other people is around. Anyone who is working with or doing business with Koreans should have the ability to determine another person 's kibun by by watching body language and listening to the tone of voice as well as what is said.

Inhwa, which is defined as harmony is another essential thing in Korean culture.
Korean people don’t give direct refusal or negative opinion to anybody to keep the harmonious relationship.
In business relations employee should be loyal to his/her supervisor and try to avoid from any conflict. Employee should obey their supervisor as same as obeying his/her parents. In order to not to disturb other person’s kibu, Koreans also avoid to say bas new in the morning and say bad news in direct way.

Power distance and hierarchy
Korea has a high power distance and hierarchy same as other Asian countries. Power Distance is defin...

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...ing, high mobility of workers, also influence the way of doing business. Major decisions are done by the approval from the top management. Gift giving is a part of business relation and It doesn’t considered as bribe. Person should give and receive a gift with both hands. Gifts should be wrapped and it is customary to wait until the giver is out of sight before opening them.
Foreigners who want to do business with South Koreans should considers those cultural aspects and get more information and knowledge about Korean culture and tradition.
Understanding business culture helps person to understand, anticipate and respond to unexpected behavior. It also ensures that person behave in an acceptable way and avoid misunderstandings.
Having a proper knowledge of these aspects, business relations will last longer and successful.

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