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Kobe Bryant And Michael Jordan Essay

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Many people who watch or play basketball always argue who is the best of all time, or which basketball player is better than the other. And the most two basketball players that get compared with each other is Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Both of these two players are exciting to watch when they are on the basketball court. Taking a closer look into both of their careers you can see major similarities but you can also see where both of them have their different paths. Even though they both make the basketball world a better place the real question that needs to be answered is who is better.
First, let me start off with the career of Kobe Bean Bryant who is currently on the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe was first drafted into the NBA in the year 1996 by the Charlotte Hornets, but was later traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. The most amazing part about him being drafted was that he was drafted straight out of high school. He was 17 years old when he was drafted so he couldn’t even sign his first basketball contract his mom had to sign it for him since he was under age. As a rookie Bryant was best known as a high flyer and a fan favorite by winning the Slam Dunk Contest in 1997.
Later through the years as Kobe matured and got better with his Basketball skills he was able to win his first NBA championship. With the help of his teammate Shaq they lead the Lakers to a title win against the Pacers back in 2000. This was the first championship the Lakers won since 1988. But Bryant and his championship run doesn’t stop there he went one to win 2 more championship in the year 20001, and 20002. This was 3 consecutive championship only a few teams in NBA history were able to do that. Kobe didn’t only win championships, but also scoring titles he ...

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...tive basketball titles. They made both won scoring titles in the NBA, and they both made at least earned a NBA Finals MVP award. And most importantly they both are Hall of Famers.
They have many differences as well for example Jordan has one more ring than Kobe Bryant. He also has more finals MVP than Kobe Bryant as well. Michael has way more scoring leading in the NBA than Kobe. And Michael during his first year in the NBA was named Rookie of The Year.
In conclusion, I would say from the evidence that has been provided Michael Jordan has had a more successful career than Kobe Bryant. But they are still considered one of the best players to ever play in the NBA. And for sure this comparison between the two will continue to happen as the years go one. The world is just apply that these two individuals had the chance to show their talents to everyone around the world.

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