Essay about Knoxville, Tennessee Emergency Operations Plan

Essay about Knoxville, Tennessee Emergency Operations Plan

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An emergency operations plan for the community in which we live is a document of great importance to each of us whether we know it or not. This paper examines the emergency action plan for Knoxville, Tennessee. In the course of the examination, it will compare and analyze the plan for Knoxville with the standards set forth in the textbook for this course along with other recognized sources in the field of emergency management.
Knoxville, Tennessee
With a population of nearly one hundred and seventy nine thousand in the city and nearly eight hundred and fifty thousand in the metropolitan area, Knoxville, Tennessee is the third largest city in Tennessee. Additionally it is the county seat for Knox County. Rich in American Civil War history, with close proximity to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the home of the Manhattan Project during World War II, home to the University of Tennessee and nestled up against the Great Smoky Mountains, the area has quite a bit at stake when preparing for, or responding to, an emergent situation.
Emergency Operations Plan
According the the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), an emergency operations plan (EOP) dictates “who will do what, as well as when, with what resources, and by what authority--before, during, and immediately after an emergency” (FEMA, 1996). An effective EOP should contain a plan for all the potential disasters for a given region. These disasters would include natural disasters, man-man disasters including terrorist attacks, chemical weapon attacks and even nuclear war. The intent of the EOP is to publish a document intended to minimize the impact of the disaster, save lives while offering a path to recovery. In simple terms, an EOP “is the playbook by...

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...l. The document is of great importance to each of us. This paper examined the emergency action plan for Knoxville, Tennessee. It compared and analyzed the plan for Knoxville with the standards set forth in the textbook for this course along with other recognized sources in the field of emergency management. The plan Knoxville employs is a simple yet comprehensive plan intent on providing a disaster appropriate response and recovery process while attempting to keep its residents informed and as safe as possible.

Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA]. (1996). Guide for all-hazard emergency operations planning. Retrieved from
Haddow, G. D., Bullock, J. A., & Coppola, D. P. (2014). The disciplines of emergency management: Preparedness. Introduction to emergency management (Fifth ed., ). Waltham: Elsevier.

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