Knowledge Throughout History: The Ptolemaic Theory Essay

Knowledge Throughout History: The Ptolemaic Theory Essay

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As humans, our drive for acquiring knowledge can be seen as a reward to humanity. We constantly learn new things everyday which adds on to our initial knowledge, thus knowledge is indefinite. New information being acquired can cause us to reevaluate our initial views about the world we live in. In the context of this question, knowledge can be defined as the process of gaining information from past experiences. The collection of scraps and fragments is the facts, opinions, or just information we gain from knowledge. The pleasant design that our brain stores with information sticks until new information is introduced. One the new information is retrieved, we are able to alter, change, or reassess the information which can ultimately lead to a whole new mindset. Because knowledge is ongoing, it is easy for us to gain information and categorize it as to how well it fits into the world. This question will be examined in history and the natural sciences. In relation to the natural sciences, new information that is discovered causes science to refine itself. We are able to expand our knowledge about the world and its components. Therefore, how does perception change as people delve into scientific discoveries that are deemed certain? Scientists always seek new information and many theories are developed through this process. Apart from the natural sciences, history has a way of reconstructing itself. Historians continue to interpret and analyze historical occurrences and as a result, new interpretations are established. With this in mind, to what extent does the manipulation of language change a historian’s interpretation about an historical event? Because knowledge is indefinite, the fragments and scraps of information gained in the na...

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