Knowledge On An Academic Subject Essay

Knowledge On An Academic Subject Essay

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What it Means to Study
The definition of study is the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge on an academic subject. Studying to me means putting away the phone, going to a quiet place, and reading over notes multiple times. However, my study routine may not work very well for other students, because we are all different learners. It does not matter how we study, as long as we do study and achieve our goal for the test.
The three types of learning are visual, auditory, and tactile. If you are a visual learner then that simply means you use charts, flashcards, and notes to help you study. Picturing words in your head is another study tool visual learners like to do. An auditory learner likes to recite the notes aloud, for example record yourself saying the notes and go back and listen to yourself multiple times. Lastly, if you are a tactile leaner then you like to rewrite the notes as you are saying them. If you do not know which learner you are, take a few tests online to find out, because by knowing what type of learner you are will make it easier to study.
I am...

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