Knowledge Management : What It Really Means?

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Knowledge management is support to idea to companies and become the most valuable resource to help these companies. Knowledge management generates reposts that show the demanding of products, how effect employees are being, KM helps them share idea around the companies and show manger the best idea that will help the companies operates. Knowledge management is not something we thing of everyday but we will after we know about it what it really means. All companies us some type of training, experience and informal system of friends and employee. Knowledge management help us choose the right person to solve the issue is know their skill. All companies get operations done and become successful by aware of answers or perceptive what everyone does at times. Knowledge management is about relating the shared knowledge of the all employees to accomplish definite companies target s. The intent of knowledge management is not necessarily to manage all knowledge, just the knowledge that is most important to the companies. It is about make sure that people have the knowledge they require, where they require it, when they need it. The right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time is always important to make any company successful. Unfortunately is Knowledge management is a misleading term sometimes. Knowledge exist in people’s heads manages to really become possible or desirable. Knowledge management can really control what we can do, and what the ideas are good in favor of knowledge management are all about. Knowledge is more meaningful than any other information. It consists of familiarity, awareness and understanding gained through experience or study, and results from making comparisons, identifying consequences, and making conn... ... middle of paper ... ...ement took another major step and focus on the employee interacting in a working environment in the company. This shows them that the employees pay more attention. Knowledge management helps all employee individual to help them develop with their surroundings to create a great work environment. It also take into count the stockholders and strengthening. Knowledge management has the structure root, values and culture structure and governance, management and leadership and skills and staff ( The Different Types of Knowledge." Types of Knowledge). Knowledge management comes a long way and it has a long history behind it. Knowledge management has many theories and dimensions. It becomes very important to all companies and knowledge management keeps track of everything and keeps track of all the company data and it helps managers make decision for the company’s future.

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