Knowledge Is The Basis Of Knowledge Essay

Knowledge Is The Basis Of Knowledge Essay

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Knowledge is the basis of what we know for a certain is true in schools; it is what educators measure to determine if students meet school boards expectations. Knowledge in schools should count as the experiences of the students which explore the universal truth. This would promote the use of emotion and self-reasoning in the classroom, challenging what schools today believe what knowledge is.
The basis of knowledge in a classroom begins with the knowledge of the teacher. Teachers recognize their own knowledge. The teacher should have a clear understand of their own knowledge before educating their students. It is important to see were you standing in a social situation. George Yancy a philosopher at Duquesne University says, “ One must be willing to listen to what is often most difficult and painful to hear about oneself and our society” (43 Yancy). Knowledge should involve discussing what may be consider awkward to discuss, in order for this to be beneficial, it is important for the teacher to be prepared where they stand in the situation. The knowledge will be gained from understanding the different perspectives of the society. Through Yancy’s idea called Parhessia we should have fearless speech, which entails fearless listening. In order to incorporate “parhessia” into classrooms, teachers must be able to have an open discussion about things that are typically pushed under the rug. We should not attempt to make everyone feel good, there would be no knowledge in that process, but become real. In today’s education, they would not allow parhessia in the classroom, in fear of discriminating against a student. However, I believe if we want change, teachers need to discuss the controversial topics in the classroom.
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In schools students should become more dependent on their own thoughts, and not solely relying on what they have been told. Schools today are not encouraging of self knowledge, they are taught to the test and are expected to regurgitate what they have been told on the exam. This is limiting their ,cause lies not in lack of reason but in lack of resolution and courage to use it without direction from another” (1 Kant). Relying on others thoughts is taking the easy way out, with little benefit to you. Thinking for you takes courage as well as being enlightened. Self-thought enhances your knowledge because you are able to form your own reasoning.
Knowledge is what drives our life’s, it is the basis of how we carry ourselves. It is essential to for schools to base students knowledge on self-experiences which will promote emotion as well as self-reasoning.

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