Knowledge Is A Necessary Asset For Living With Humans Essay

Knowledge Is A Necessary Asset For Living With Humans Essay

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extent might these vary according to age, education or cultural background?
Knowledge is a necessary asset for living with humans. Every human tries to be the most knowledgeable. Knowledge is gained through a plethora of sources. Knowledge is mainly gained through direct experience, skills and knowledge claims. The sources where knowledge is gained are instinct, reason and intuition. These sources are not concrete; they are affected by many factors such as, age, education and cultural background.
Knowledge is gained by direct experience. I personally have gained knowledge through direct experience. For example, as a male teenager in the United States, I know that computers are not waterproof. Past experiences of dropping toys and phones in water have taught me this fact. On the other hand, a toddler who has no previous experience would have no knowledge of computers and their water resistance.
I believe that education can increase a person’s knowledge but it is limited in direct experience. Someone who has absolutely no educational background may not know that running in the halls of a school building is incredibly frowned upon. My personal experience of going to school every day for the past eleven years has created an image of how an educational environment looks, while someone with no education can only guess.
Direct experience in any culture will provide a wealth of knowledge. In my own experience, while living in Miami, which is as multicultural a city as it gets, I have been exposed to several languages. I speak English because that is what my parents speak, but I also know some Spanish because of my contact with many of my friends’ Hispanic families. If someone lives in Nebraska they may only speak English because of...

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...A toddler will not see the signs of a falling marriage. An adolescent will. They will have a gut feeling that their parents are disagreeing more and avoiding each other as often as possible. These signs may be oblivious to a younger person.
I believe that intuition does not differ because of education and cultural background. Intuition is having a feeling about something that may not be justified at the time they are felt. Intuition is using your ‘gut’ to make a decision.
In conclusion the way knowledge is gained and the sources of knowledge vary incredibly between age, education, and cultural backgrounds. In my opinion, I believe that cultural backgrounds are the main reasons for variations in people all over the world. People that come from different cultural backgrounds have many different ways of life, many different habits and have many different beliefs.

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