Knowledge And The Ways Of Knowing Essay

Knowledge And The Ways Of Knowing Essay

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Studying each area of knowledge without studying the ways of knowing could be considered meaningless, as each area of knowledge can be said to be intricately embedded with countless ways of knowing, all relating to each other in some respect. Thus, it is important to appreciate the ways of knowing that accompany each area of knowledge. Two areas of knowledge which have several associated ways of knowing are art and ethics. Though there are several ways of knowing associated with art as an area of knowledge, emotion, perception and language are the predominant ways of knowing in this area. For ethics, the ways of knowing which stand out the most are perception, rationalism and faith. However, though these areas of knowledge seem to have apparent ways of knowing fixed within them, it can also be said that areas of knowledge do not use a network of ways of knowing in gaining knowledge. Areas of knowing which could show this are those of math and natural sciences.
When considering what makes art, each piece must possess several common characteristics. Art can be considered to serve as catalyst or catharsis to evoke some response or emotion in the audience. Art is intended to inspire, educate, provoke, expose social issues, satirize and compel action and change. Using the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou as an example, the integration of ways of knowing can be seen. This poem possesses all of the characteristics of a piece of art. Angelou had an intent while in the process of writing this poem, however, through reading the poem, what this intent truly is can vary between readers – one’s perception of the poem influences what the reader believes is the true intent of the poem, and thus perception is a large part of interpreting ar...

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...ut the perception of the audience, and the intent would not be there without the emotion of the creator. Concerning ethics, this area of knowledge can be shown to integrate several ways of knowing, specifically those of perception, rationalism and faith. As our concepts of ethics have been derived from religions, philosophies and cultures, the consideration of faith often comes hand in hand with ethics. Also, as it takes rationalism to “solve” an ethical dilemma, rationalism is vital, as well as one’s overall perception of the issue. However, concerning other areas of knowledge such as math and the natural sciences, it could be argued that areas of knowledge do not use a network of ways of knowing in gaining knowledge. Therefore, perhaps it can be concluded that depending on the area of knowledge, sometimes ways of knowing are integrated in the gaining of knowledge.

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