Knowledge and Skills During The Renaissance Essay

Knowledge and Skills During The Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissance was more an era of literature and poetry than of the visual arts. The artistic creation was inspired by Greek mythologies and philosophies. Most intellectuals embraced the concept of humanism, which stressed the importance of human dignity and emphasis off of theology and logic, to human studies. Dr. Cheney states, “The universal man contained within himself knowledge and all the skills of the various arts, from grammar, rhetoric, and philosophy, to art, music, poetry, and architecture. It is from the uomo universale that we get our expression, "Renaissance man." This shows how people of the Renaissance shifted there knowledge and began new skills for activities more ideal to them. The most accomplished works of literature were in the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras.
The start of accessible literature began individual reading or silent reading, an innovation sometimes looked at with skepticism. Johannes Gutenberg created the Printing Press in 1440 which allowed movable typesets that created new sheets of text that could be set in place and printed with less effort. P...

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