Essay about The Knowledge And Development Resulting From An Educational Process

Essay about The Knowledge And Development Resulting From An Educational Process

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About 50 centuries ago, grand civilizations such as the Egyptian and the Babylonian began to form. The simple way of living before had facilitated the direct transmission of information from one person to another, but as society became more complex this process was not feasible anymore. With this, came the creation of writing and as time went on the creation of school. A place where boys, girls, men or women (depending on the times and civilization) would go to obtain knowledge and become educated. Writing and education have stood the test of time, and could be considered the basis of today’s society. But in reality, what is education? What is its purpose?
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, education is “the knowledge and development resulting from an educational process”. And answering the second question, according to the educator and philosopher Mortimer Adler education has three purposes which are “the development of citizenship... personal growth or self-improvement… and occupational preparation” (Mortimer 19). Knowing this, it is easy to realize that education plays a very important part in the lives of the people receiving it and that a good education is essential to a functioning society.
Nowadays, governments have departments that regulate the public educational systems in on their countries. These are in charge of (based on research) determining how schools will work and the programs and overall rules professors and students must follow to provide the best education. Most First World countries such as the U.S., England, and Switzerland, have very similar educational systems and even though they provide first class education to their students, there are some aspects of these systems that spark debate about whe...

... middle of paper ... (since girls are not present to take on those roles anymore) (Kruse 441) (Malacova 233-259) (Harker 203-218).
After analyzing all the aspects of the topic, I am able to reach a conclusion on which educational system is more favorable for the education and development of children. Currently, there is no scientific information to state a relationship between the academic development of children and sex-segregated or coed education; however, studies demonstrate that psychologically, children have a better environment to develop in sex-segregated schools. An optimal education is not the one that offers only the best academic development, but the one that helps the child grow in every aspect of himself the best way possible. After conducting this research, I can say with certainty that such institutions are schools that work with a sex-segregated educational system.

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