Knowing Your Neighbors Essay

Knowing Your Neighbors Essay

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Know Your Neighbors

Moving a lot, I have accustomed to different types of neighbors. In ways neighbors can influence our everyday life, our social life, and we never really thought they could. But they do. They become important to us. There are the good and the bad, although from my perspective there are three main types of neighbors. You have your nosy neighbors, your friendly neighbors, and then come the busy neighbors. We all those!
Nosy neighbors tend to be the ones you have to be extra careful with. Usually, they are the older people who live off of younger people and their events in life. However, nowadays they are mostly middle aged folks who like to be private and are quiet but like watching every move of the neighborhood. Nosy neighbors definitely show how they are not even ashamed of letting you know they know your business. You will notice it without being aware, that they are always standing on their porch or stare through windows – the curtain wide open and as you look the curtain is barely falling into place – its plain as day. Some are even brave enough where the...

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