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The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar have been portrayed as evil knights and only concerned with their glory in video games (i.e. Assassins Creed) and movies (i.e. Kingdom of Heaven). What happened to them and their treasure has been much speculation ever since their fall in 1314. They have become such a huge part of popular fiction that a lot of people do not know what to believe when it comes to the Knights Templar.

So who were the Knights Templar and what really did happen to them. Sometime between the years 1100 and 1122 the Poor Knights (or Fellow Soldiers) of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, more commonly known as the Order of the Temple or The Knights Templar, were founded in Jerusalem by nine original Knights. These nine original Knights came together to protect pilgrims as they made their way to and from the different holy places in Outremer. Prior to their existence the Christians that visited the holy lands would be robbed and sometimes killed by the Saracen bandits that lived in and around these lands. Hugues de Payen from Champagne and Godfrey de St. Omer from Picardy were granted an audience with King Baldwin II, the ruler of Jerusalem at the time. Was at this is meeting that Hugues and Godfrey suggested they and seven other Knights form an organization to protect the pilgrims that were coming to the holy lands. They also told the king that they wanted to do this not as regular Knights. They wish to do so living under the role of St. Augustine in a small monastic community. King Baldwin like the idea and gave them quarters at the site of the former Temple, now the al–Aqsa. This was the birth of the Knights Templar.

Not much is known about the first years of their existence. Between the time of their c...

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... the Knights Templar were innocent of heresy.
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