The Knight's Mistake: The Wife of Bath's Tale Essay

The Knight's Mistake: The Wife of Bath's Tale Essay

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In the tale that Geoffrey Chaucer had wrote, The Wife of Bath’s Tale, a man was described as a Knight. This Knight wasn’t like any normal Knight, he messed up and raped a girl. This is a big mistake, giving a lot of Knights a bad name, and having those that look up to them start to be disappointed in them. Usually the punishment that is given to those that rape, or in general any other crime, is death or time in the slammer, however, the Queen says no because he is a good looking guy. Instead of death, he had find out what women most desire from men. He is given a year and a day to find out, and on the last day, when he nearly had given up all hope, he sees an old woman in a field who makes a deal with him. The old lady gives the Knight a choice: to have an old, but faithful, wife, or to have a drop-dead gorgeous woman, but to have her never to be faithful, before she tells him what the Queen wants to know. The old lady and Knight get married and she wants him to sleep with her, like husbands are supposed to do with their wives. They argue and she gives him the two choices again; to have an ugly wife, but she is faithful. The other choice is to have a drop-dead gorgeous wife, but is never faithful. With this, he learns a lesson, and sufficient punishment.

To be given the choice to have a beautiful wife is something I look forward to when I decide to settle down and get married, but the wife of the Knight makes a good point. On page 149 the old lady gives him the choice “You have two choices; which one will you try?/To have me old and ugly till I die,/Or would you rather I were young and pretty/And chance your arm what happen in a city/Where friends will visit you because of me.” (lines 365-371) I honestly wouldn’t mind ...

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..., and learning his lesson on the nature of women, he conquered things that most men would just say “Take me, I don’t want to go through this kind of stuff”. Luckily for me I found a gal that is very beautiful and I can trust, and hopefully we will move on from where we are as of now. Unfortunately, she has probably read The Wife of Bath’s Tale, and is going to want the same thing all women want, but strangely I’m okay with this because if a big bad Knight and other men have done it, hey, why not go for it. I’m just in the position that the Knight was never in, and she isn’t old, poor, or ugly, so I don’t have to choose her or a beautiful unfaithful chick. But the sad part about this is,like the Knight, I need to be punished because I did something very bad on Wednesday that I am going to be punished for on Thursday, but a MIP is not as bad as raping a girl. HAHA..

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