The Knights and Miller´s Tale in Chaucer´s The Canterbury Tales Essay examples

The Knights and Miller´s Tale in Chaucer´s The Canterbury Tales Essay examples

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The tales I chose were the Knights tale and the Millers tale. I chose the Knight’s tale because I was in the mood to hear a love story and I chose the Miller’s because I thought it was pretty funny. Disturbing, but funny. The story I chose to win was the knights tale because it speaks of love and chivalry, it’s also appropriate, and I think the Host would appreciate his story.
In the prologue it talks about how The Host was like I want someone who is gonna have a nice tale to go next and the Miller who is always drunk said that he would go and The Host said no, so the Miller offered to leave. The Host being the nice guy that he is, said he could go so he wouldn’t leave. In the Knights tale he tells the story of a king named Theseus who ruled the city of Athens. One day these four women came Theseus’s kingdom and knelt in front of him and started weeping. The oldest women looked up at the king with tears in her eyes telling him about the loss of their husbands who were killed at the city of Thebes. The lord of Thebes Creon, dishonored them by refusing to cremate them or even bury them. Theseus goes to Thebes and conquers him and after he does so he takes the bones of the four dead husbands to their wives.
Theseus found two of Thebe’s soldiers on the battlefield nearing death. Instead of killing them he fixed them all up and placed them in prison. The enemy soldiers are relatives, they were in the prison for several years. One of the prisoners falls in love with Theseus’s sister-in-law, and is heartbroken that he can’t see her. The other prisoner also falls in love with her, they both argue over here, but realize there s no point because they both are in prison.
Later on Mercury comes to the Theseus’s prison and tells Arcite(...

... middle of paper ...

...e won because it is a story of people sticking up for one another and about how other’s are falling in love and would do anything for the love of a special women. The Miller’s story is about a rude Carpenter and his wife who sleeps around on him. It’s about how his wife sleeps with Him, their roommate Nicholas and some Clerk that always buys her things and gives her money. I think the Carpenters wife is just getting whatever she can get out of any man. From the Carpenter she gets a house and a hard working man. Out of Nicholas she gets the excitement of sneaking around and the love of a strong young man. From the Clerk she gets gifts and money. I think that all of these men just need to drop this women and move on with their lives. So i would say they Knight won because his story was appropriate, and wasn’t about sleeping around and he wasn’t drunk when he told it.

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