Knee Pain Associated with Misalignment of the Knee Joint Essay

Knee Pain Associated with Misalignment of the Knee Joint Essay

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Knee Pain Associated with Misalignment of the Knee Joint

Introduction & Background

I chose to write about knee pain and the misalignment of the knee joint, because it is something that I suffer from on a daily basis. In the last 11 years I have had three knee surgeries I have had part of my medial meniscus taken out and then followed it seven years later with the complete removal of the lateral meniscus. Due to my very valgus alignment, which is when you knee joint points towards the midline they then decided to do a distal femoral osteotomy. With this surgery they cut my right femur in half at the distal head and created a gap with donor bone. They then put a plate with seven screws in it to hold the femur in place. When the surgery is complete in my case I was unable to bear weight for two months due to the fact that the donor bone may be crushed or the Plate and screws could break during the first part of the healing process.
More common that the distal femoral osteotomy is the closing wedge or tibal osteotomy this is used for varus or bull legged people, whereas the distal femoral is used for valgus or “knock knee” which is how my doctor explained it to me. In the closing wedge osteotomy All the same procedure are the same as In the distal only this time the surgery is done on the medial side of the head of the tibia.
Although this is a major surgery this can be a very good surgery for a young person because there are not many other options. In the long run this can save a 33 year old person like my self up to 20 years before getting a knee replacement, which my doctor is certain I will need. So as drastic as this might sound it can be quite beneficial. Currently the rate of success on second time knee...

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...X(US) Feb. 6 2001

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