The Klux Klan, The Nation Of Islam, Aryan Brotherhood, And The Folks Essay

The Klux Klan, The Nation Of Islam, Aryan Brotherhood, And The Folks Essay

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Many people think that all gangs are bad and commit some sort of crime in our community, But all gangs have their locations, beliefs, where they are strong and weak, if they are growing or slowly losing their gang, and mostly they all have a mission I’m going to explain about the Klu Klax Klan, the nation of Islam, Aryan Brotherhood, and The Folks.
First gang we are going to talk about is the Ku Klux Klan is a white supremacist organization was found in 1866. Ex Confederate soldiers made Ku Klux Klan in Pulaski Tennessee. They developed the two first words was the “kuklus” meaning group or band. They were majority after African Americans and would ride the night murdering and terrorized African American. How they dressed is different from a lot of gangs but they dressed up in white hoodies symbolizing ghosts of the confederate dead, also to avoid identifying and to scare victims during night time raids. The klan represented white southerners that centered on the reconstruction programs imposed on the reconstruction programs imposed on the south by a republican congress. They didn’t like inexperienced African Americans, carpetbaggers any that migrated to the south following the war. In 1968 Forrest formally disband this group after being appalled by its growing violence. The KKK reached 3 to 4 thousand members by the time it was 1920s.The Klan exerted considerable political influence helping to elect sympathetic candidates to state and national offices. The Klan was not only strong in southern states like Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas but they were also strong in California orgen Colorado Kansas Missouri Illinois Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania new York. In addition to being racist the group was also exposed hate to Jews Catholic...

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...ferent name. They were made in the late 1960 in san Quentin state prison they are currently still active and they are still strong where they came from. they are 300 full members with 5000 and more associates in and out of prison. This gang does murder, assault, Drug trafficking, extortion, Racketeering, arm robbery, Inmate Prostitution and also dog fighting. They are a racist gang just like the KKK they target every other race besides whites and some religions.
The nation of Islam is a African American political and religious movement found in Detroit and in other area by a guy named wallace Muhammad on July 4th in 1930 they have about 20,000-50,000 people they all speak English and Arabic. They believe that there was no other god but Allah which was called The NOI. They were mainly about politics nothing really violent so they weren’t really strong in many prisons.

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