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Kiss land by The Weeknd
Abel Tesfaye known as The Weeknd released a new album called Kiss land. The album contains ten tracks that last over an hour and a half. Tesfaye is known for the dark and moody tracks produced in his last three mix tapes (Echoes of Silence, Thursday, and House of Balloons), and later repackaged from Republic Records as The Trilogy. His rhythmic voice is just stunning. Though most of his songs on this album are repetitive, the different beats mix it up. Tesfaye’s new album is honestly worth buying. He became an internet sensation and soon recorded his own album.
In each song of Kiss Land, a story of his life is being told. The album includes the musical range of soulful R&B to 80’s pop music. The very first song on the album is “Professional” which Tesfaye is singing about him dealing with not letting anyone know who he really is. Tesfaye never let anyone knew who he really was until Kiss land came out to the public. “Professional” is explaining the feeling of not being a part of the world. The song “Adaption” tells a story about Tesfaye drinking his pain away and using alcohol to forget the troubles of being on tour. The song “Tears in the Rain” the chorus sounds triumphant but is missing a past lover and how he has to adjust to fame. And loving someone else is pointless like “tears in the rain”, “They all feel the same,” he shouts, about the other women that comes into his life. The song, “Wanderlust”, is the only song that has a more upbeat tone out of the entire album; this song was inspired by Michael Jackson. “Wanderlust” tells the story of drug addiction; “precious little diamond” is a symbol for crystal meth.

“…Most of it. I find a sound and run with it. It varies from Stevie Nicks to Gen...

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... his cover and wanting the viewer to actually want to know more.
Another reason why this album is so great is that now his voice is more prominent. Unlike the last albums, you don’t get lost in the tone and drift off into space. With Kiss Land, it’s more soulful and personal. This album is all the emotions he is feeling and his wonderfully put in a sedative song. Tesfaye meant to make people feel something and get in touched with their inner self. The depressing tone in songs like Kiss Land or Belong to the World creates a more narcotic/daydream vibe, while other songs, such as Wanderlust, gives people something to dance to. This album is definitely worth buying. In his latest interview with Billboard, Abel Tesfaye says “This is the real deal, the last albums was just the practice round”.
Lyrics: 8/10
Tone: 10/10
Cover Art: 8/10
Voice: 10/10
In all: 36/40

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