Essay about Kings and Queens: The Tudors

Essay about Kings and Queens: The Tudors

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The Tudors consisted of five kings and queens as well as Lady Jane Grey. The family line began when King Henry V passed away and his wife later on remarried a man named Owen Tudor. The Tudors were known as the most powerful, feared, and inspirational line of people to have lived during their time
Owen Tudor, worked for the king within his courts as a Welsh owner, during the time of Owen’s marriage, Owen and the queen ended up having a son named Edward and it was said that he was to be the next in line for the throne, but he passed away before he could assume the throne, So the next one in line was Henry VII (“Project Britain; British Life and Culture”)
King Henry VII was next in line to take over the throne, but could not, because of Richard the 3rd was king at that time. In August 22, 1485, Henry changed all of that, during the battle of Bosworthfield Henry killed Richard and became king of England (Meyer, G.J. pg114). During the time of King Henry’s reign there was a war going on between two families, The York and The Lancaster family. This war was known as the War of the Roses and had gone on for centuries, but Henry changed that on January 18, 1486, Henry of the Lancaster family and Elizabeth of the York family got married, because of their marriage the war had ended and it brought peace to England once again. King Henry and Elizabeth ended up having four kids, Arthur, Margaret, Henry, and Mary. Only two of them became rulers of England.
The king next in line was King Henry VIII, Henry VII’s son. Henry was known as one of the most feared kings in England, he is also the reason for the pope and church splitting up, which is also known as the Reformation. Henry became king in 1509, soon after his father had passed away then late...

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