Essay on Kingdoms Of Assyria And Persia

Essay on Kingdoms Of Assyria And Persia

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Kingdoms of Assyria and Persia were the precursor to the great Roman Republic and eventual Roman Empire. The values that both held were different in that the Romans had more time to develop a sophisticated law to control their population, however, there are still many similarities in the core values that both upheld. For example, they similarly treated people that they conquered and the refusal to accept bribes for positions of power. They differed in the way that the Gods were used to create law and instituting punishment. Over the time that these Kingdoms and Republic ruled as different people came to power the values that the government upheld would shift so that the core was the same but some aspects gradually changed. For instance how the Rome Republic transitioned to an Empire with Augustus Caesar consolidating power to one individual. The Kingdoms of Assyria and Persia gave the values that the Roman Republic held in its core while expanding and making them more sophisticated so that they could run an effective government free of corruption and have a stable citizen population. Over time in both governments, the values shifted with people within government in power to radicalize the values that they previously held to give the person in power more control like Augustus Caesar in Rome and the transition from Hammurabi to the Assyrian Kingdom.
In a government that has the goal of expansion and conquering the question of what to with the conquered people arises. A value against unnecessary violence taken by the Romans, applied when they conquered an area. In “Res Gestae Divi Augusti” Augustus describes how he treated citizens with mercy and preserved them if at all possible. The Romans would bring the elites of a co...

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...m another culture and applying it to their own government while also learning from the mistakes that they made. The Assyrians created a central government that was capable of integrating conquered people. Romans and Persians learned from the mistakes that the Assyrians made and created ways that were more inclusive to conquered people. Hammurabi created law and all governments used a form of law to command their people. While all governments used religion to connect their people the Kingdoms used it more for authority while Rome relied on itself for authority. Over time these governments’ values changed as rulers became power hungry and created states that favored the power of one. While an argument is still out today of which had the biggest impact they all influenced their area and was a testing ground for new ideas that would be used by future generations.

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