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The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Essay

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Each country in the world has specific areas that any people can access. Some countries have natural places, modern places, or both together. Therefore, each person needs to know what he or she wants to see. Newly married couples and the elderly population on usually prefer natural areas because it is relaxing, and they want to escape their daily routine. Other people like to go to places that have a lot of malls because they prefer the shopping. Big families who have children want to visit a place that has parks and zoos because their children enjoy it. A few people go to a new place because they like to learn a new culture and language. On the other hand, a few people simply want to see any place. They do not have any specific target. In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are many different kinds of areas each person can visit.
The first important place that each person can go to is Makkah, especially Muslim people. It is the heart of the Islamic world and the revelation. For example, a lot of people visit it because they want to pray, Hajj, Umrah or all of them. When people arrive in Makkah, they go to the Grand Mosque. Everyone who visits the Grand Mosque can pray five times a day, and they can do Umrah at any time of the day. As for Hajj, all Muslim people do it at the same time each year and at the same place. Another example of any person who visiting Makkah is for its historical areas. Makkah has a lot of mountains such as Alnoor, Alrahma, and more. Tourists visit there mountains in Makkah and take pictures because they are famous landmarks in Islamic history. In addition, these mountains were created over thousands of years. Another instance of going to Makkah is to see old markets. People who like to shop from old m...

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...njoy it if they want to go to Abha.
In conclusion, there are some important areas can any person visit in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The first place for visiting is Makkah, and it has Grand Mosque. Also, it has historical areas such as alnoor and alrahma, and it has popular markets. The second place can any person going to is Riyadh. It is a capital city of Saudi Arabia and it a lot of malls like Riyadh Gallery. In addition, it has many huge parks and entertaining club can anyone enjoy on it, and it has a lot of restaurants such as Il Terrazo Brazilian and Najd Village Restaurant. The last place anyone can go to is Abha. It is located in south Saudi Arabia, and it has a nice weather. Furthermore, it has Muftah Theater showing any type of arts, and it has farming and local food. These are some important places in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia anyone can go to it.

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