Essay on The Kingdom Of God And Its Significance

Essay on The Kingdom Of God And Its Significance

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The Kingdom of God and its significance can be found within the gospel of Luke. First off who is Luke? Some experts think that “evidence points towards him being a physician and a companion of Paul" (Franz, 2014). “Luke the physician was one of the disciples who wrote the longest gospel, and it has been speculated that he also was the author of the book of Acts” (Franz, 2014). Within Luke’s gospel it contains a vast amount of information and attention that was documented on the life accounts of Jesus and the kingdom of God. Jesus knew what his mission was early on, as it was described in the early chapters of the gospel of Luke. This paper is being written for personal exploration of the Kingdom of God and is intended to examine information regarding what the Kingdom of God is, and who is allowed to enter into this Kingdom. Jesus taught his disciples through the use of parables, and a lot of information can be extracted from them concerning how the Kingdom of God works.
“Only two of the authors Matthew and Luke give the documented account of the birth of Jesus” (Just, 2006). “Both writers Matthew and Luke agree in denying that Joseph was the biological father of Jesus, and both agree that Mary 's pregnancy was inaugurated by the Holy Spirit” (Navone, 1947). Luke portrays Jesus as the Messianic king, and the rightful heir to the throne of David as promised in Luke 1:32. Mary, before becoming pregnant was informed that "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the highest will overshadow you; therefore, the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God" (Luke 1.35).
Since Jesus was the natural son of Mary, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and therefore, that makes Jesus the Son of God (Luke 1:34-35). Luke lis...

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...all of the requirements for entering into the kingdom one should read all of the gospels, instead of just focusing on one gospel. Jesus with no doubt made a lot of miracles in his time, healing the ill, raising the dead, exercising demons, and forgiving people of their sin are just some of the ways that Jesus was able to lay claim to the messianic role, proving that He was the son of God. The miracles that Jesus bestowed upon these individuals ultimately indicated the presence of kingdoms power. The kingdom itself has not yet fully been revealed, but the gospels give many signs of its presence. To be a member of this Kingdom you will need the approval of God at the last judgment to obtain everlasting life. “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel” (Bartholomew, 2004). “God is becoming king again” (Bartholomew, 2004).

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