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The Kingdom of Frinda Essays

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Concesta sat quietly in the hut listening to what Zellacta had told him of the armoured soldiers, and how they stood no chance against them, as they had strength in their bodies to take each warrior without having to fight hard for it.
“Not looking into their eyes was our own chance of survival,” said zellecta, as Concesta shook his head in disbelief. “If they come again, I hope that we are able to defeat them.”
Concesta nodded, he too hoped this.
“This whole war has been one big — ooh- annoyance. Why did Lidah not state what she knew?” Concesta asked, his face reddening in anger.
“How can she? I agree that she had covered up the truth, but Onbrier are the biggest blamers, notes every second of our lives. Whoever agreed to this silly ruling?”
“Councillors of the time, the time, the time before,” Concesta sighed. “Our parents never disagreed. If only someone spoke out, maybe we could have sat down and spoke.”
“Do you like writing them? Your secret desires and ambitions in life, scribbled on paper for the councillors to view, to dictate what we should or should not be thinking? Because I don’t, it’s invasion of our privacy, no other kingdom does such a ridiculous thing,” Zellacta disputed as he stared at Concesta as though he were to blame.
“It was done so that the individuals of the kingdom could be monitored, any wrong doings by that person could be taken to court and punished for thinking wrongly.”
“For thinking? We are humans, we are allowed to think, never mind having them monitored for thinking wrong. Unless someone actually does wrong outside their mind, then I see no reason for us to state all this. I know when I return I will be lobbying a protest on this, I shall stand outside the hall with a picket line, I will rub it...

... middle of paper ... her necklace as though it was a crystal ball, which was informing her of what she should do.
“Very well, bring Amir to me and I will allow you to leave this room intact. Any funny business and you will regret it for eternity,” Zantha remarked, as she allowed Carla to walk towards the men who stood waiting for her anxiously, waiting to find the prince who was hiding.
“And if you think you can take that spell away from the warrior, think again, dear lady,” Zantha hissed as she nodded to Fieldsman, who nodded to the order that was given.
Carla walked away, holding on to her cloak for dear life and making sure her wand did not slip from her belt as she walked into the corridor with Matthew and Fieldsman looking at her with un-sureness.
“I hope this works,” Carla muttered to herself as she turned to look at Lidah one last time before disappearing down the corridor.

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