The Kingdom Of England Versus Valois Capetians For Control Of The French Throne

The Kingdom Of England Versus Valois Capetians For Control Of The French Throne

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Why Did This Conflict Begin and Why Was It Fought?
The Hundred Years War Was A Group Of Battles From 1337 – 1453. The Kingdom Of England Versus Valois Capetians For Control Of The French Throne. This War Has Been Divided Into Three Separate Phases:
1. The Edwardian Era War (1337 – 1360)
2. The Caroline War (1369 – 1389)
3. The Lancastrian War (1415 – 1453) It Was During This War That Saw The Burning Murder Of St Joan Of Arc.

The Key Battles Of This Conflict.
The War Of Two Peters Was Fought From 1356 – 1375 Between The Kingdoms Of Castile And Aragon. The Two Rulers Were Peter Of Castile And Peter IV Of Aragon. This Was During The Edwardian War
The 1383 – 1385 Crisis Was A Period Of Civil War in Portugal. During this time no King reigned. It began when King Ferdinand I died without any male heirs and ended when King John I was crowned in 1385. In this time, John I invades Portugal and is crowned King John I.
The Armagnac – Burgundian Civil War was a civil war between the Armagnac and Burgundian towns from 1407 – 1435.

Key Personalities of This Conflict
Peter ...

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