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King James V Of Great Britain Essay

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My Topic is on King James I of England, previously known as King James VI of Scotland before he ascended to the English Throne. He was the first King to unite Scotland with England and styled himself as the “king of Great Britain”. During summer I gained some contextual knowledge by reading history books such as King James by Durston and The Making of Jacobean Culture by Curtis Perry, all of which helped me immensely. I also looked into different contemporaries of King James I and formed my own opinions of him through these. My opinion of him is that he is usually forgotten by historians and also sometimes portrayed badly due to certain contemporaries being more popular than others. I’m looking into various Jacobean plays such as Measure for Measure and A Game at Chess as well as some court masques by Jonson and Middleton. I believe that these will give an insight into not only the King, but also the differing views on him. I’m arguing that the King was seen differently, by different people, depending on who they were or what their status was and that that is what comes through in this literature.
I will be exploring the different ways that King James I was seen such as a scholar, a king and ruler, a Peace-maker, a Father, both literally and metaphorically and as a bisexual. I will be using new historicism to analyse all of these plays, texts, and concepts. Although there are difficulties in finding some meaty sources due to the wide variety of texts available, I believe that by using new historicism I will be able to do so to the best of my abilities which are currently becoming enhanced by my research.
My methodology in finding the texts I am using has been through the help and guidance of my tutor, and by searching electronic...

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...e, Acknowledgements, Abstract, contents page and Appendices. As with every assignment I do, I will be completing my reference list as I write the main body of my dissertation.
In terms of Employability and Skills, I believe I have both obtained and developed many abilities. In the future I want to become a Secondary school English Teacher.
The top list is of skills I have obtained which will help me during my future career. As you can see these are mostly based around planning and teaching lessons. The bottom list is of skill I have obtained and developed which will help me in both my academic and personal life. Self-Motivation was something which I have had trouble with in the past, however, through my love of to-do lists, I have found I am able to complete tasks I set myself, this will help me also when I become a teacher and have to create lessons and activities.

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