The King James Bible And The Bible Essay

The King James Bible And The Bible Essay

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The King James Bible is known as the Bible and in the Bible there is more than 1,200 years of books and different stories in 2 main parts. The Old Testament was written by the Hebrews and New Testament was written by the Greeks. It was completed in 1611 and was a main corner stone to European culture. Back in the day it was in Egyptian which meant that the priests had to learn how to read the Egyptian language. The parable called “The Prodigal Son” is in the King James Bible and when you read this there are some good lessons that you can get out of it and some bad things that you can get out of it.
Sometimes we need to be slapped in the face before we learn what we needed to learn. In the “The Prodigal Son” from the King James Bible the younger son learns his lesson the hard way and to me it was probably the worst way to learn something. The bad thing about the mistake that he did is that he could only make it once before he learned the lesson. So what he did was took all of his inheritance, went out and spent it all before he became poor and in verse 16 is says “And he would fain ha...

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