King Arthur: The Myths and the Actual Person Essay

King Arthur: The Myths and the Actual Person Essay

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King Arthur is an outstanding British leader of the 5th and the 6th centuries, son of Uther Pendragon and the Lady Igraine. Arthur is one of the greatest mythical heroes that the world has ever known. Arthur has had a great influence on other people and many of them looked up to him. The coming of Arthur was prophesied years before he was even born. Arthur was born into a world of chaos and disorder, full of love and tragedy. Nowadays, many of the scholars continue to argue whether or not King Arthur was a real person or just a mythological figure. Based on facts however, many believe that Arthur was not a real person; just a legendary British leader in the 5th and 6th centuries. According to history, there wasn't anyone named King Arthur in the late 5th and the early 6th centuries of Britain. As well the actions of King Arthur don’t correspond with the typical actions of a king at the time. Also the events described in the tales of King Arthur are not linked to any real historical events. King Arthur’s legend was magnificent in a way that represents the spirit of kingship at the time, but sadly, it may have been nothing but a bedtime story.
According to historical records, there was no one named King Arthur in the 5th and the early 6th centuries. If we look at the timeline of Middle Age Kings, the name King Arthur does not appear in the documentation. The middle Ages, also knows as the Dark Ages was a time when knowledge and learning were scarce. The Dark Ages influenced the British people because of the loss of records and technology. During the Dark Ages, development of science ceased. It was one of the darkest eras of human history because there were no recorded historical facts. Many historians are trying to discover more abo...

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...cause in the 5th and the early 6th century, the name King Arthur does not appear in the records. Also the actions of King Arthur don’t correspond with the actions of a king in the Medieval Ages. The events that the tale of King Arthur had involve in, it was not linked to the authentic historical events. Based on the facts and information that has been found, King Arthur is not a real historical figure.

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