Essay on King and Stafford Compared

Essay on King and Stafford Compared

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When trying to comprehend a story one should always take note of the important aspects throughout the passage. There are various instances contained in the essay’s “A Way Of Thinking” by William Stafford, and “The Symbolic Language of Dreams” by Stephen King that have vital pieces that contribute to the whole message. Specific questions, words, and events should be identified when trying to develop a full understanding of the meaning. Stafford and King both illustrate the various aspects and ideas on how a writer creates. Stafford expresses his views on how receptivity and trust within the individual’s inner world help the writer create. Similarly, King depicts numerous reasons as to how dreams have helped him in his writing. After reading both essays it became clear that there was a connection between how the writers create.
I believe that the purpose of the text in “A Way Of Writing” is to use the concept of receptivity, or the readiness to receive ideas when writing. To be alone in a quiet area and work with the impulses that comes in mind. Stafford states, “one implication is the importance of just plain receptivity. When I write, I like to have an interval before me when I am not likely to be interrupted” (Stafford 14). Stafford declares this because he is attempting to demonstrate that in order for him to write he needs to be away from others. I agree with this statement because through personal experience I have realized that in order to maximize my receptivity in the act of writing I need to be isolated from others. Stafford compares his idea of receptivity in the act of writing through fishing. He states that although it does not take as long, there’s always a nibble (14). What I believe Stafford means by this is that ...

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... On the other hand, King relies on his dreams to produce his novels. In King’s essay he describes how throughout his life he experienced anxiety dreams, which he used to make various novels. The main difference between the two is that Stafford uses receptivity, and king uses his dreams. King states that he does not have a lot of receptive dreams but he does have a lot of anxiety dreams. Stafford does compare the activity of writing to the actuality and flexibility of a dream, and dreams’ being what King uses to write his novels.

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